The Environment

The EPS we manufacture is equivalent to or exceeds the Aust Std 1366.3 1992, we only use Anypol quality beads from South Korea. We have researched and developed a special process how we can join an old used block of polystyrene to a new block of polystyrene without using any glues or adhesives, the process is achieved through pressure, heat and time, we believe we are the only

Miltek EPS Compacting Machine

EPS manufacturer in Australia that can successfully say “We reform, recycle and reuse 100% of the EPS we manufacture” nothing goes in the bin or landfill.

When we manufacture a SLVoid EPS block approx. 30 to 50% of it is made from used off cuts, we achieve fantastic yields and this gives my business a huge competitive advantage. The off cuts and waste we don’t remould is crushed and compacted in our in house Miltek machine, the crushed product is then sold and shipped to China,

Compacted EPS ready for Recycling

 where it is then recycled for photo frames, key boards, Tv’s etc.

Our Efforts to Minimize Environmental Impact

My EPS manufacturing plant is very small in size, I would even say the smallest producing plant in Australia, specially made to order to fit in just 52m2 of floor space. Since its initial installation I have added many environmental friendly additions like Solar panels, one-way ball valves {this allows us to reuse vented water}, I have also added rain water tanks to feed the boiler, and an ingenious idea to use a “modified” 2nd hand solar pool heating setup, I cycle the water through the boiler feed water tank which in turn preheats the water up to 65deg before the water enters the boiler. A simple idea that cut my gas usage in half.



We invest a lot of time and money on research and development to help cut manufacturing cost whilst being leaders in environmentally

sustainable solutions. We can buy back your used clean Polystyrene blocks for reforming, a service I am sure no one else offers.

We like to think of ourselves as having Big Shoes but leaving a Small Environmental Footprint.


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