GC2018 – Medal Podiums Gold Coast Commonwealth Games 2018

We have had the great privilege of working in with Great Big Events and Goldoc in manufacturing the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Medal Podiums and we must say they have turned out a real treat! We were approached late in 2016 to come up with a timber look but light weight solution for the GC2018 Medal Podiums that would still be durable and to their desired wave design. With our recycled EPS and clever lamination process we were able to achieve such a feat! The podiums have worked really well with everyone commenting on how real they looked and no one can believe how light they are and yet durable enough to withstand super excited athletes taking great pride in receiving their medals. For all your events and sports advertising and or podium needs give us call or drop us an email, as we would be only to happy to work out a solution for you today.