Why Polystyrene Surfboard Blanks are the Best to Use in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth

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When custom making a surfboard, you typically start with a blank and then build from there. The materials out of which you make your surfboard can make a big difference in how well it performs. When you look for a surfboard, you want something that will work with your skill level and the waves you plan to surf. With polystyrene surfboard blanks, you can have a lightweight, buoyant and versatile base from which to design your perfect board, whether you are surfing in Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne or Sydney. It can also be used to create stand up paddleboards as well.

How to Choose the Right Polystyrene Surfboard Blanks in Melbourne

When you shop for your blank, the main considerations you will have is the size, shape, material, and rocker profile. You should always choose a blank that will be a few centimetres longer and wider than you need. It should also provide enough extra space to cut out the right rocker profile for your intended board. However, you do not want one that is too big, as this will create more work for you.

It will also create more waste, and although polystyrene can be recycled, it is best to limit the amount of waste from the beginning of the project. Most polystyrene surfboard blanks in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth will come in sizes close to your intended size, so you that you so not have much to cut down.

What are the Benefits of Polystyrene over Polyurethane?

For decades, polyurethane acted as the base material for surfboards, with a fibreglass covering. However, polyurethane is toxic, both for the environment and for people that cut the blanks. It could also be toxic for you when you cut your board, depending on how much cutting you do. Polystyrene provides a healthier and more environmentally friendly option. It does not emit greenhouse gases, and it can be recycled, limiting the waste that ends up in the landfills.

Additionally, as a raw material, it is lighter. Although polyurethane may be more durable, polystyrene is still a very durable material, especially when covered in the standard epoxy resin. You can find polystyrene surfboard blanks in Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney or the rest of Australia in a variety of shapes and sizes, or you can custom order your own shape and size. Custom building your own board can be a cost-effective alternative to buying a board, especially using the inexpensive base material of polystyrene.

Why You Should Choose Polystyrene Solutions

Polystyrene solutions has been creating polystyrene surfboard blanks in Brisbane to be used as a base for a custom board for over 15 years. They provide high-quality materials in a short period of time. As a family owned company, they take pride in providing each customer the best service, including creating custom order to the exact specifications. They can help you get the right blank for you, whether you just need one for your perfect board or you own a custom design shop.

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