Why You Should Use Polystyrene Void Formers in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth

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Void formers are important tools in engineering and construction projects. Most architects, builders and engineers include them in almost all projects, especially skyscrapers, bridges, and other heavy buildings. Void formers provide additional strength and durability to projects without adding any significant weight, which is important in large structures that already have a significant weight that the foundation must support. Polystyrene void formers tend to be the most common types used in projects in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, and throughout Australia.

What Do Polystyrene Void Formers in Brisbane do?

Polystyrene Void Formers in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, or anywhere else provide an important function in creating the structural components of any type of building or structure. When building structures, engineers and architects look to cut back on weight when they can, because heavier structures have an increased risk of caving in, especially those that are suspending on beams and poles. When designing a structure and its weight capacity, they also have to worry about the extra weight that any water content will add to the structure. In order to make the structure lighter, they use void formers.

Polystyrene void formers in Perth have the capability of bearing a lot of weight while being very light. It may not be able to handle all the weight of a structure, but it provides additional support to the concrete and other structural components and helps the concrete to settle and solidify. That is why they have become essential aspects of any large-scale project.

Why choose Polystyrene over Metal?

Void formers can be created out of metal sheets, but these are also heavy and do not have the versatility of polystyrene void formers in Melbourne. Metal sheets were often removed as well once the structure was sound, but polystyrene can remain in place, adding to the strength and durability of the structure. They also are often used as ground stabilisers, providing extra safety measures to large structures and buildings. Polystyrene is better than metal because it has the versatility to be cut into whatever shape and size necessary. It is also lightweight, which means not only does it not add much weight to the structure, it is also easy to transport to the construction project and install. Polystyrene is also an eco-friendly choice, as it does not damage the ozone layer, and it can be recycled.

Order your Void formers with Polystyrene Solutions

For 15 years, Polystyrene Solutions has created polystyrene void formers for construction projects throughout Australia, including Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. As a family-owned business, they treat ever customer individually and with the greatest level of care. Their products are of the highest standards. They can create any size, shape or quantity of products, and they will fulfil the order in a short time frame. They work with construction projects, engineers, architects, and anyone else looking to use void formers on a project. They can supply as much polystyrene as you require for your project.

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