The Versatile Uses of Polystyrene Letters in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney

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Polystyrene letters have a variety of uses, including for advertising your business, using as a centrepiece for parties or weddings, or using in crafts. Polystyrene works well as a material because it is lightweight but durable, and it can be painted or coated with any finish, giving you whatever look you want and need. It is also environmentally friendly and can be recycled, so you minimise waste. It makes a cost-effective solution to your need, and can be created quickly. With such versatility, you will easily find a use for polystyrene letters in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and the rest of Australia.

Advertising with Polystyrene Letters in Brisbane

Advertising your business is easy with polystyrene letters in Sydney and other cities in Australia, including Perth and Melbourne. You can customise letters to use as a sign for your business; however, they can do so much more.

They can also be used to help create your brand through a tagline. You can also advertise a special service or goods, or use them to create a display. If you go to conferences or trade shows, you can make your display stand out with lettering that can also be in 3D. You can custom design a sign or display in any size or shape to get an edge over your competition.


Polystyrene letters in Perth and throughout Australia can be used to decorate parties, no matter how big or small. These are perfect for weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries. You can use them as a centrepiece or for other decorations for the party, and have the celebrant’s name as the focus. Corporate events can also use them to help advertise the company while also setting the atmosphere of the party. Party planners love using polystyrene letters to add a little extra pizzazz to a party.


Polystyrene letters can be a great base for a variety of crafts. They are easy to paint and decorate. You can use just one large letter or create entire phrases. They can easily be glued to other surfaces, making it easy to do a variety of crafts. They are perfect for using in a classroom setting or in summer camps, since they are safe to use with children. If you work in an environment where you do a lot of arts and crafts, or if you are a hobbyist crafter, you can use polystyrene letters to make some exceptional crafts.

Why Choose Polystyrene Solutions

Polystyrene Solutions has been trading for over 15 years. They are based on the Central Gold Coast in Queensland but work with customers all over Australia. They provide high-quality polystyrene letters and any other polystyrene products you need. They provide fast service on this versatile material that is lightweight and easy to transport. They recycle all unused polystyrene, including the waste from the cut products. Whether you want letters for creating a sign, advertising, decorating a party, crafting, or any other use, Polystyrene Solutions can custom cut any size, shape and quantity you need.

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