We have recently completed a major supply contract for 2236m3 of computer profiled EPS void formers for Brisbane’s new Riverwalk Project.

  • Computer Profiling : Polystyrene and Foam

  • EPS Construction : Polystyrene and Foam

  • EPS Marine Floatation : Polystyrene and Foam

  • Polystyrene Solutions - Polystyrene and Foam

  • Film Sets : Polystyrene and Foam

  • EPS Framework : Polystyrene and Foam

  • Insulation : Polystyrene and Foam

  • Surfboard : Polystyrene and Foam

We were contracted to supply the computer profiled polystyrene void formers, for the new 900 meter $73 million project. I believe our completed supply contract is one of the biggest if not the biggest ‘ever’ single order for Void Formers in Australia. We were involved in the initial engineering, design and testing process and we came up with the solution “Void in void former” to suit John Holland’s strict requirements.

Some facts…

  • Supply contract total 2’236 cubic meters
  • Total EPS Blocks used approx. 1’300
  • Contract started supply June 2013 to May 2014
  • 76 truck and trailer loads up the M1 to Brisbane City
  • All manufactured at our Ashmore factory right here on the Gold Coast.
  • By winning this huge supply contract over our much larger Brisbane based competitors, we created jobs for the Gold Coast.


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