How to Find the Best Geofoam Manufacturers, Suppliers and Wholesalers in Australia

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Geofoam is an important component of any construction project, especially large building and bridges. Construction projects often rely upon geofoam manufacturers or geofoam suppliers to provide the materials prior to construction. Geofoam is typically constructed out of polystyrene, providing a lightweight, durable and environmentally friendly solution.

What is the Purpose of Geofoam?

Geofoams are large, lightweight bocks that provide a lightweight void fill. This helps to provide more support to the structures to make them safer and sounder. They are also used on underground utilities to minimise the amount of settlement and reduce the lateral pressure and provide waterproofing. Additionally, they can be used as a lightweight fill for a variety of projects, thermal insulation, and compressible inclusions. At times, they are also used as drainage when they have the appropriate shape and size.

They can help to provide stabilization when building on a slope to reduce the risk of a landslide and other problems. It can similarly be used on embankments. It is often used on retaining structures and for insulation on pavement.

What are the Benefits of Geofoams?

Geofoams have many advantages, which is why they are a popular solution for construction. They are lightweight, making them easy to transport to construction sites, carry and install from the geofoam wholesalers or geofoam suppliers. They have a low density but a high strength. They are versatile, so they can be used in a variety of projects. They have a predictable behaviour, so you know how they will work, allowing for more specificity in the design. They do not break down, which means it will not spread into the surrounding soil and cause pollution. They are quick and easy to install, which reduces the construction time. Geofoam manufacturers can also produce the blocks in a fast turnaround. It also is cost-effective solution, especially when purchased directly from geofoam wholesalers.

How to Choose the Best Geofoam Manufacturers in Australia

When searching for geofoam manufacturers in Australia, there are a few considerations you should keep in mind. Some manufacturers may not provide comprehensive services, so you might need to work with suppliers or wholesalers instead of directly working with the geofoam manufacturers. You want to find a company that can create your geofoam exactly to your requirements in a fast turnaround. You should also look for a company that recycles all waste from cutting the geofoam, keeping the whole process environmentally friendly. With Polystyrene Solutions, you get a company that provides quality services fast, while being eco-friendly.

Why Choose Polystyrene Solutions

Polystyrene Solutions has over 15 years of experience as geofoam manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers in Australia. They are a family owned company, providing excellent customer service and work closely with you throughout the entire order process. They also take custom orders, so they can create geofoams in any size, shape or quantity necessary for your project. They also can make any other polystyrene products you need for your construction project, including insulation sheeting and void formers. They are an environmentally friendly company, always recycling the polystyrene waste to reduce the impact on the environment.

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