Get the Best Lightweight Surfboard with Foam Surfboard Blanks in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney

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You can find surfboards made out of a variety of materials, but most surfboards have some sort of foam as the base. The main types of foam surfboard blanks you can find are either polyurethane or polystyrene. The best option is polystyrene because they are more lightweight and better for the environment. Polystyrene boards typically have a coating of epoxy resin rather than fibreglass that makes them more durable. By buying foam surfboard blanks in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney or Perth, you can shape your own board, set up a custom board shop, and more.

What to Look For in Foam Surfboard Blanks in Brisbane

Custom making a surfboard always begins with a blank. You will have to decide what type of material you want the foam to be, whether polyurethane or polystyrene. You can find foam surfboard blanks in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth typically in a size and shape close to what you want to create.

You want to get it as close to the necessary size as possible to limit the amount of waste for your board; however, you always want to have it at least a little bigger than you need to ensure you end with the right shape. To choose the appropriate shape, you need to consider the length, width and rocker profile you want.

Why Use Polystyrene over Polyurethane

Many older surfboards are made in polyurethane. It may provide the most durable option, but it is toxic for the environment, and for the people that handle the raw materials. Therefore, polystyrene offers the best option. It is very buoyant, as well as being lighter and more environmentally friendly than polyurethane. It may not be as durable, but with an epoxy resin it becomes a strong choice. Polystyrene foam surfboard blanks come in a variety of sizes and shapes, making it easy to find the right starting point for your custom design. They also have different coatings that make it easy to cover with the epoxy resin or other coating you choose for your board. Additionally, they are cost effective and can be made quickly. The best reason to choose polystyrene is that they are environmentally friendly. They do not emit any greenhouse gases, so they are better for the ozone layer. Additionally, they can be recycled. At Polystyrene Solutions, any excess waste is returned to create additional blocks for further use, so it does not end up in the landfill.

Buying your Blank with Polystyrene Solutions

For over 15 years, Polystyrene Solutions has created custom designed foam surfboard blanks in Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. They have a fast turn-around service on their high-quality products. They are a family owned company that puts the customer, and the environment, first. They have the ability to custom make a blank in any size, shape or quantity. Whether you want a blank to just custom make your own board or are looking to open a custom surfboard business, Polystyrene Solutions can provide you with what you need to succeed.

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