Display your cake decorating talents with foam cake dummies in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney

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If you specialise in cake decorating, then you need to use foam cake dummies in Sydney and the rest of Australia to display your many talents. They work perfectly whether one needs them to practice, create displays, stage photographs, or perform other tasks. Before you buy just any old foam cake dummies in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth or Sydney, you should consider the supplies you use. By using the best supplies, such as polystyrene, you can ensure that your cake decorating talents will be the centre of attention.

What are the uses of foam cake dummies?

Foam cake dummies in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney or Brisbane have many different uses, but they are manly used to display cakes. They can be used to practice cake decorating, create a display for a bakery, use to take photographs for your portfolio, create a display for wedding or baked goods shows, or use to make a cake look bigger.

They are often used in creating wedding cakes with multiple tiers. Some of the tiers will be made with a dummy to make the cake look larger, without actually being real cake. The benefits of using dummies is that it saves time and reduces waste, especially when it the cake needed is for displaying purposes.

Why use polystyrene foam cake dummies in Melbourne?

There are many reasons to choose polystyrene foam cake dummies in Perth, Brisbane or the rest of Australia. They are lightweight, making them easy to transport or move from place to place in your shop, but they are durable, so they can handle anything. They are versatile, so you can create a shape to match any type of cake you want to design. You do not have to limit yourself to only working with round or flat sheets. You can show off your custom design cakes on special foam cake dummies. They can also be made with different coatings, making it easy to ice and decorate with the same ingredients you use for regular cakes. They can also be cost effective and have a fast turnaround. Additionally, they are environmentally friendly. They do not emit any greenhouse gases, so they do not affect the ozone layer. They are also recyclable, and with Polystyrene Solutions, you can rely that all excessive waste during the manufacturing process is used again to create more blocks of polystyrene.

Why use Polystyrene Solutions?

Polystyrene Solutions has been servicing all of Australia with foam cake dummies for 15 years, and the employees have over 30 years of experience in the industry. They provide high-quality service fast. It is a family owned company that prides itself on being environmentally friendly. It is located in the central gold coast, but it services all of Australia. They can create a dummy in whatever size, shape, and quantity you need. Whether you own a bakery, specialise in cake decorating, run a cake decorating class, or just want to sharpen your skills, you will want the best dummy. With Polystyrene Solutions, you can get exactly what you need to make your business stand out.

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