Who Do We Work For?

From Polystyrene Sheets, To Surfboard Blanks, To Foam Signs – our client base is as diverse as the products we offer.

Over the years, we have supplied bespoke polystyrene sheets and products to clients such as:

Contact us for all your polystyrene and foam sign needs and we’ll get you sorted.

What do our clients think?

“Polystyrene Solutions are dedicated to looking after their client. The first project they worked on was the Scooby Doo facade at Movie World. I choose them because of their unique abilities and unbeatable experience. Over the years they have proved themselves to be reliable, professional and produce great work.”
– Ken Spiller – Group Project Manager – Village Roadshow Theme Parks

“From the day Polystyrene Solutions opened over 10 years ago, they have been a very reliable supplier of excellent quality EPS surfcraft blanks, that coupled with there quick turn around times have helped my business cope with it’s growth and expansion in the surfcraft industry.” – “their professionalism, friendly staff, and excellent products put them above their competitors, this is the reason we will continue to do business with Polystyrene Solutions into the future”
– Shayne Mcintosh – Xcel Surfcraft

“For over 20 years I have been using EPS in Paddleboards and upon playing around with different designs and noticing the fantastic characteristics that EPS exhibit I started to venture into making surfboards. We have now gone on to win several of the famous Mokuleia beach events. I choose to use polystyrene sheets because of the quality of their Eps, their understanding of surfboard blank shapes and their latest high tech profile machinery that cuts my exact desired shape.”
– Dick Van Straalen – Classic Waterman

  • Who we do work for? : Polystyrene and Foam

  • Sea World : Polystyrene and Foam

  • Peter Pan : Polystyrene and Foam

  • Big Brother : Polystyrene and Foam

  • Ghost Ship : Polystyrene and Foam

  • Fools Gold : Polystyrene and Foam

  • Superman : Polystyrene and Foam

  • Nims Island : Polystyrene and Foam

  • Movie world Gold Coast : Polystyrene and Foam

  • Outback spectacular : Polystyrene and Foam

  • wet n wild : Polystyrene and Foam

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