What We Do?

Polystyrene Foam Products

Based in Queensland, Australia, Polystyrene Solutions has been producing specialised polystyrene foam products to various industries for over 20 years.

We use the latest computerised profiling machinery and automated lathes to cut, shape and carve expanded polystyrene (EPS) to your personal specifications.

So whether you need a lightweight surfboard, a state-of-the-art window display or long-lasting thermal insulation, you can be sure of high-quality and cost-effective solutions with every single order.

EPS Products include:

What’s more, Polystyrene Solutions also offers a full line of specialised coatings and finishes.

Check out our range and contact us to discuss your project requirements.

  • Computer Profiling : Polystyrene and Foam

  • EPS Construction : Polystyrene and Foam

  • EPS Marine Floatation : Polystyrene and Foam

  • Polystyrene Solutions - Polystyrene and Foam

  • Film Sets : Polystyrene and Foam

  • EPS Framework : Polystyrene and Foam

  • Insulation : Polystyrene and Foam

  • Surfboard : Polystyrene and Foam

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