Use Polystyrene Cake Dummies for the Perfect Wedding Cake in Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Sydney

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There are many uses for polystyrene cake dummies in Sydney, Perth and Brisbane or the rest of Australia. You can use them to practice cake decorating, display cakes in shops, and create multi-tiered cakes perfect for a wedding. Traditional wedding cakes have many tiers, but many weddings do not require as much cake as the tiers provide. To reduce cost and waste, you can use polystyrene cake dummies to create the perfect multi-layered cake. They can be easily cut into any design, shape, or size you want, providing you with the versatility to create the best artistic creations possible for your wedding cakes.

What are the uses of Polystyrene Cake Dummies in Melbourne?

Wedding cakes often require more tiers than necessary for feeding the guests. That is where polystyrene cake dummies in Brisbane come into play. You can have the bottom layers be made from foam and then have just the top layers be edible, or vice versa. Some people also create the perfect multi-layered wedding cake that is actually just for show. The real cake to be cut and eaten will be a large sheet cake that costs less to create.

This can reduce some of the cost of a larger cake, depending on the number of guests. It can also reduce the amount of waste from having too much cake. It will also keep the cake looking beautiful throughout the whole reception, so it can remain a beautiful centrepiece rather than a half-eaten cake. Wedding cake designers also use polystyrene cake dummies to display in their shops, take pictures for their portfolio, and display in wedding shows in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and the rest of Australia. They can also be perfect to practice your decorating skills, especially if you are coming up with a new design or have a custom order you need to perfect before the big day.

Why Polystyrene Foam?

Polystyrene is lightweight, which makes it easy to transport to the wedding, exhibition or even just around your shop, whether you are in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, or anywhere else in the country. However, they are also durable, so they can hold the weight from the rest of the cake, no matter how many layers you make for your creation. They are easy to ice and decorate, providing the perfect platform to show off your skills. However, they also will fit right in with a real cake, so that no one will know that only part of the multi-layered wedding cake is edible. You can also use pieces to create special design elements on the cake. Polystyrene is environmentally friendly – it does not release any greenhouse gases, and it is recyclable.

Get your Dummies with Polystyrene Solutions

Wedding cake decorators have used the polystyrene cake dummies in Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney from Polystyrene Solutions for 15 years. The company provides excellent customer service, always putting the customer first. They take custom orders, and can create a dummy in any size, shape or quantity you need to create your perfect cakes. They provide their premium polystyrene dummies in a quick turn-around time. By using their materials as the base, you can create the best artistic creations for your wedding cakes.

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