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Whether you work as a photographer, in the theatre, or in the film industry, you will need to create backdrops or stage props at some point. However, you want something that will look realistic and perfectly suit your project. To create the best artwork, you need to find the top manufactures in Australia who can create a custom built backdrop, stage prop, or movie and film set for your needs. With Polystyrene Solutions, the only limits to what they create is your imagination; they have the industry experience to build the perfect temporary or permanent product to perfectly suite your project.

How can polystyrene help the visual arts?

Polystyrene is a versatile material that provides many solutions for those in the visual art industry. It can be cut and shaped into any shape or size, making it the perfect raw material for creating scenery and props for the visual arts industry.

Once it has been primed and coated, it can look exactly like the real thing, whether it is the façade of a house, a statue, a sword, or anything else. Many backdrop manufacturers in Australia use polystyrene to create backgrounds used for theatre, movies, and photography shoots. Stage prop manufacturers in Australia also use it to create a wide variety of props, also perfect for theatre, cinematic arts, and photography shoots.

Why choose polystyrene movie set manufacturers in Australia

Creating a realistic movie set can be expensive, but polystyrene provides an inexpensive alternative that can create a backdrop that looks just like the real thing. Polystyrene is lightweight, so it can be easily moved and transported to your film set, whether it is a large-scale piece or just a simple stage prop. Polystyrene is a versatile material, so it can be made into anything you need. It is durable, so it can work in both internal and external locations. It can also be made quickly, in a much faster turnaround than using wood, stone, metal and other conventional materials. It also can have any type of coating or finishing to create any look you need. Finally, it is environmentally friendly, as it does not release any greenhouse gases and it is completely recyclable. By choosing Polystyrene Solutions as your film set manufactures in Australia, you can get everything you need quickly and inexpensively to create the perfect background for your cinematic piece.

Why choose Polystyrene Solutions?

Polystyrene Solutions has over 15 years of experience as manufacturers of movie and film set, backdrop, and stage prop products for Australia. They are based in the central gold coast in Queensland, but service the whole country. They provide high-quality service with a quick turnaround. They are family-owned and environmentally friendly company, including recycling any excess polystyrene. They have the skills and creative expertise to take any idea you have and turn it into a reality, whether you need a temporary display or something more permanent. They have worked with many companies in the entertainment industry, including working on several large-scale move productions.

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